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Time for business evolution has come

Complexity and uncertainty are two increasingly important factors in the modern business world, in which the random element contributes to complicate things, generating events that have a great impact on our companies.

Dear entrepreneur of SMEs, who recognizes how important it is to undertake a path of "corporate paradigm shift" to face increasing uncertainties and complexity, this webpage is for you. A path that includes the transition, total or partial, to Smart Working.


Changing the definition of "working"

A strategic comprehensive approach to Smart Working

Smart Working is NOT what you think.

Smart Working is not something you just install as an application on your smartphone, and it is much more than teleworking. Therefore it brings benefits and challenges,  and requires a comprehensive strategic approach to be correctly implemented and effectively mantained over time in your business.


Ask FineAdvisors now!

We can help you implementing effectively Smart Working in two different ways!


Ask for a strategic consulting

Our ad-hoc book


Although there is no magic formula, we have a well-defined strategic approach that allows us a wide "margin of manoeuvre" and allows companies to maintain their position in the market. This approach implies "flexibility" and " propensity for change", and Smart Working is one of the "modus operandi" of this flexible approach that cannot be ignored in a 21st century enterprise.


We will not only talk about Smart Working. We will go further, because in order to implement Smart Working correctly it is necessary for the company to go through "strategic checkpoints", which can only be overcome if certain conditions are achieved and maintained

FineAdvisors presents Reshaping: Smart Working and it is provided in two steps:


STEP 1: The Definition Call - The beginning is the most important part. Strategy needs planning and clarity before execution. During this Call we are going to perform an analysis of your business, and we are going to set up a plan for the implementation of Smart Working.


STEP 2: If you will be really ready to implement Smart Working, Step 2 will be about executing what planned together during Step 1, with our proprietary business framework.


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