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A shift in consulting

​Being on the market for a few years is no longer enough. Maintaining "classic" business processes is no longer enough. Getting feedback from your customers without exploiting their hidden potential is no longer enough.

In an increasingly uncertain and complex world, anticipating the times and repositioning oneself on the market by adopting flexible and modern business logics is becoming more and more a commandment. This is why our customers, after completing our Continuous Improvement Plan, are able to consolidate their positioning and communicate more effectively the added value they bring.

FineAdvisors brings a specific framework supporting SMEs in gaining an effective competitive advantage.

From the definition, a business consultant is defined as being a problem solver for some of the more complex business and organisational structures out there: FineAdvisors has implemented its unique approach in the field, the FineAdvisors Framework, efficiently working on a potential broad range of business sectors.

FineAdvisors helps SMEs in accessing the know-how and the tools for achieving a continuous improvement standard

For us at FineAdvisors every customer is unique and precious, for this reason we do not offer standard solutions, but we carefully evaluate its business, its financial situation and its operational environment before of study a program of action and a tailored Strategic Agenda.

Let's stop making our competitors run, the time has come to implement the ultimate paradigm shift, which will take you to those long-awaited business goals.


Our Adding Value Consulting: Lean Six Sigma for SMEs

In a context of growing uncertainty and complexity, the performance of a company is a major challenge, especially for those players in the market which can be cathegorised as SMEs

At the same time, SMEs play a pivotal role in the industrial sectors all over the world, and there are plenty of scientific papers published around the world that affirm how important are SMEs


Our objective at FineAdvisors is to guarantee SMEs an access to a powerful framework such as the Lean Six Sigma which was a domain of the Big Guys in every market. That's why we have created the FineAdvisors Framework.

FineAdvisors gives SMEs the opportunities to become more efficient and competitive, despite the lack of specific skills, human resources and implementation models

Clearing up your mind...

Here we have included some questions that will give you more clarity about our know-how and our way to bring genuine added value to our customers.​

What is Lean Six Sigma?

As defined in a scientific paper (Laureani and Anthony, 2012), Lean Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology that aims to maximise shareholders' value by improving qualityspeedcustomer satisfaction, and costs: it achieves this by merging tools and principles from both Lean Thinking and Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma is the most advanced applications of both Lean systems born in Japan and production management from the Six Sigma world. Lean emphasises on efficiency and waste reduction, Six Sigma emphasises on variation reduction, defect reduction and process evaluation.

What is the FineAdvisors Framework?

We needed a way to allow SMEs to access to the immense power of the tools and the procedures of the Lean Six Sigma framework. We have created our unique operative protocol that allows us delivering an overall performance, strategic and operational improvement to SMEs, our main Customers.​ FineAdvisors’ modus operandi is much more than analyzing data and sending the Customer a price estimate of the work that has to be done. It is about pulling together a story that involves critic points, potential solutions and recommendations for the customer. It is about taking the time to listen and understand elements of the situation and breaking them down to make the critical points clear, their solution and, last but not least, make it understandable to the customers as it can be completely aware of what has to be done and the reasons why.

How can I access to your framework?

It is very simple! Usually we arrange with our clients to set up an in-depth call called Clarity Session in which we examine together problems, goals and business priorities. After that, we tailor the best customised plan based on what emerged during the Clarity Session, which will be presented in a second appointment and which will be followed by the drafting of a collaboration agreement. 
And here is the point where we at FineAdvisors will open the door to our Framework.

Why asking for your services?

SMEs play a noteworthy role in the EU economy, as they hold 99.8% of the total number of enterprises, bringing 57.6% of the total value added to the EU (Gagliardi et al., 2013).

Therefore, it is imperative for SMEs to develop a continuous improvement culture that allow them to navigate in a context of stronger competition and globalisation.

Asking FineAdvisors means investing in mantaining that pivotal role that your SME has achieved and to protect it from an increasingly adverse environment.

Do you have any document I can see?

Every situation, every company, every Customer is different from the other. Precisely for this reason we prefer having a conversation with our Customers and have a constructive comparison before sending our documents. Anyway, we have different types of documents available for consultation, from simple brochures to our case studies that our clients can consult.



Ready to unlock your SME potential??

Send us your request. Once examined, we will schedule a Clarity Session and unlock the potential of your business right away. The longer you wait, the more you will be the next victim of your competition.



Our services


Business Strategic Consulting


Reshaping is the right solution for already established businesses in need of developing a comprehensive Strategic Agenda that renovates and repositions the entire business structure in a far more complex market environment, by enhancing corporate structure through a top-to-bottom streamlining.


Business Strategic Consulting


Kick-Starting offers all its Customers a detailed and comprehensive approach to continuous improvement and business development, through the application of the FineAdvisors Framework for start-up development and project management.


Business Management Consulting

Easy Smart Working

Under exceptional scenarios, each of us must do its part for the greater good. This is why we have declinded our strategic consulting operations towards entrepreneurs and businesses that need to restart operations, by providing an effective, rapid and strategic implementation of Smart Working procedures, whether "ex-novo" or a re-adaptation of existent processes and procedures.


The Clarity Session

Effective consulting services are defined as such if there is maximum clarity and openness within the delivery process.

Before we even proceed with the provision of our services that allow your business to evolve your business, it is very important to have clarity.
We have created The Clarity Session for this very reason: to give our clients clarity on what to do, why to do it and how to do it, through a short but deep analysis of the "as-is" situation of your company.

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